Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

summerspirit and my first video

I like cold, sunny days in autumn... but nothing can compare to a warm summerday with music, friends and sunshine :-)

And when it gets colder outside I like songs and videos, which can bring back this "summerfeeling" for a moment.

Therefor one of my favorite songs at the moment is a cover of "Moves like Jagger" - sang by an awesome singer called Arlene Zelina <3

But what has this to do with my outfit of today?! I'll show you a 360-degrees-perspective of me - just watch original and imitation :-D

Hope you like it:

I wish I could be where Arlene shot her video :-D - but I have the same feeling in my heart right now :)

Have a nice evening *lots of kisses*


Anonym hat gesagt…

Jaaa!!! Ich habe lange drauf gewartet die 600 zu erreichen! Immer wieder welche weg und wieder da! und dann lese ich deinen Kommentar! Voll toll :)
Da freu ich mich! Vielen lieben Dank!!!
Ja Berlin war ja heute nicht kalt aber sehr regnerisch :D
Aber es passte heute irgendwie :)

Liebste Grüße

Raya hat gesagt…

fun videos!