Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

Discovering Berlin in sunny October

Sooo - last weekend was great - great weather (sunshiiiiine), great friends around, great city to discover...

A good friend of mine visited me and we did some sightseeing - those things you normally don't do although you live in the city ;-)

So we went to see the holocaust memorial next to the Brandenburger gate, the Reichstag, "Unter den Linden", dome, "Lustgarten", "Gendarmenmarkt", ...
After that we went to Kreuzberg and met some other close friends there for dinner.

On sunday we've been in the "Mauerpark" for watching Karaoke - one of most attractive touristthings to do :-) But that's always amazing!

Here are some pictures...


Thanks D for all the pictures and carrying your heavy camera all day :-)

Did you all enjoyed you weekend in the sun?



Anne hat gesagt…

Tolles Shirt!!1 Warum postest du jezt auf englisch?

Doreen hat gesagt…

it was a pleasure ;)

Daniel hat gesagt…

Du machst echt schöne Bilder.
Mach was draus!!

LG Daniel