Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2011

BLOG meets EBAY feat. ASOS

Our beloved onlineshop ASOS has a new tool: the MARKETPLACE!
They define it theirself like this: "
Where anyone who loves fashion, anywhere in the world, can sell fashion, to anyone who loves fashion, anywhere in the world."

It has two parts: the shops and the individual sellers... this seems familiar to you? Yes - it reminds me also of the scheme of EBAY :) only a bit more chaotic yet :-D

But it also has elements of Blogs - you can "follow" your favourite boutiques and all pictures are in the style of streetstyle-blogs!

That's a rule: all pictures of stuff which is sold there have to be taken outside on the streets - because "The street is where style begins"... I think that's funny and I'm exited to see many creative photos there :)

Liebling Neukölln

Last sunday I was at the fleamarket (as I already posted) :-D
There I found a booth where beautiful, handmade necklaces and wristbands were sold <3

The girl in there told me that they'll open a shop in Berlin soon: "Liebling Neukölln".

On Facebook they already have some pictures of there great accessoiries and clothes - her are my favourites:

I love the mixture of materials and the great colors <3 <3 <3

So if you like it as I do check out their FB-profile: www.facebook.com/lieblingneukoelln or their website: www.lieblingneukoelln.de.

And don't miss the opening on 22nd of October!


Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

summerspirit and my first video

I like cold, sunny days in autumn... but nothing can compare to a warm summerday with music, friends and sunshine :-)

And when it gets colder outside I like songs and videos, which can bring back this "summerfeeling" for a moment.

Therefor one of my favorite songs at the moment is a cover of "Moves like Jagger" - sang by an awesome singer called Arlene Zelina <3

But what has this to do with my outfit of today?! I'll show you a 360-degrees-perspective of me - just watch original and imitation :-D

Hope you like it:

I wish I could be where Arlene shot her video :-D - but I have the same feeling in my heart right now :)

Have a nice evening *lots of kisses*

sunday morning at the fleamarket...

Sonntags, halb 10 in Berlin, es sind 6 Grad Celsius und ich schwinge mich eingepackt im Zwiebel-Look bei schönstem Sonnenschein auf mein Fahrrad und ab gings zum Mauerpark-Flohmarkt.
Das Wetter ist toll - die klare eiskalte Luft weht einem erfrischend um die Nase während die Sonne den Menschen ein Lächeln ins Gesicht zaubert und gleichzeitig natürlich schön wärmt :-)
Auf dem Flohmarkt gilt es früh da zu sein wenn man nicht von den Massen durch die Flohmarkt-Gänge geschoben werden möchte :-) Dafür lohnt es sich auch mal sonntags den Wecker zu stellen!
Natürlich findet man auf so einem Flohmarkt auch viel Schrottiges aber dazwischen findet man immer kleine Schätze und Produkte von kreativen Berlinern... hier eine kleine Bilderflut - und am Ende meine heutigen Schätze <3

Sunday morning, 9.30 am, 6°C, the sun is shining - and I cycle to the fleamarket.
I like this wheater - the ice-cold air feels refreshing and at the same time the sun is warming (and puts a smile on everybodys faces)
At the flemarket thhe early bird catches the worm: you have to be early because afterwards it's sooo crowed...
Of course you have a lot of trash on these markets but in between also little treasures and products from the creative people from Berlin... here are a lot of pictures of today - and at the end my treasures of today <3


Sooooo - und jetzt meine Errungenschaften - ganz unter dem Motto "Herbst"
Sooo - and here are my bargains - all "autumn themed":

four watches (Tissot, Junghans, 2x NoName):

three rings:

one scarf (PIECES) and one pair of shoes (ZARA):

Gleich gibts noch mein heutiges Outfit... mal anders als sonst - bleibt gespannt :)

In a little while I show you my outfit of today - in a different way as usual - stay tuned :)


missing NYC...

Last year at this time I've been in New York City... and I miss the city!!!
I had such a great time there and I definitely want to go there very soon.

But at the moment I'm in Germany - so at least I had to put on my "I <3 NY" sweater today :-) It was a very lazy day btw - so don't notice my face with no make up on it :-D

Have a great sunday!!! *hugs & kisses*

Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011

Muppet Show @ O.P.I

O.P.I nailpolishes are the best! Various colours with crazy names and of cause a good quality (long-lasting) with an unique brush, which makes nail-painting so easy! <3

Now they have a new collection which was inspired by the Muppets :-) The colours match to the figures and also the names refer to them: 
"Fresh Frog of Bel Air": green with glitter like Kermit the frog
"Warm and Fozzy": coppery like the Fozzy-bear &
"Devine Swine": violet with glitter like Miss Piggy would love it <3

source: http://fantastic.welt.de/o-p-i-und-das-krumelmonster/20110829

on the market from November - price: ca. 16 €.
What's your favourite?


Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

Discovering Berlin in sunny October

Sooo - last weekend was great - great weather (sunshiiiiine), great friends around, great city to discover...

A good friend of mine visited me and we did some sightseeing - those things you normally don't do although you live in the city ;-)

So we went to see the holocaust memorial next to the Brandenburger gate, the Reichstag, "Unter den Linden", dome, "Lustgarten", "Gendarmenmarkt", ...
After that we went to Kreuzberg and met some other close friends there for dinner.

On sunday we've been in the "Mauerpark" for watching Karaoke - one of most attractive touristthings to do :-) But that's always amazing!

Here are some pictures...


Thanks D for all the pictures and carrying your heavy camera all day :-)

Did you all enjoyed you weekend in the sun?


Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

my "baby": ICON

Sorry for being so absent the last month... but I've an excuse: ICON!!
That's the magazine of WELT am SONNTAG I'm working for... and on September 18th "my" first issue was published - 100 pages!!!!! I like <3 but I worked (nearly) day and night for this :-)

And as you see I'm writing in English again - that's in preparation for my language-holiday in Sydney in November :-)))
In the past month I collected some photos I can share here with you so I'm motivated to blog more often!!

Have a nice evening everyone *xoxo*